Burn Permits

The VFD manages open burning within Sunrise Beach on behalf of the City. Please refer to City Ordinance 274 for complete rules, limitations, and requirements.


1.0 PERMITTED during condition GREEN only with the following requirements;

1.1  PERMITS  - Required for all outside burning. 

     1.1.1  Permits will only be issued between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on                   the day of the proposed burn. 
    1.1.2  Permit numbers will be issued and register maintained.

. 1.1.3 Authorized issuing agent(s) will be listed in the front of the city phone directory and on the city’s website.

1.2 WATER – In sufficient quantity and a delivery means capable of reaching and controlling the fire, is required at the site. For burn piles less than 6’ high and 10’ in diameter a garden hose (minimum 5/8” diameter) which can circumnavigate the entire pile and supplied by city water is required. For larger piles, the person responsible for the burn shall make arrangements for water as deemed appropriate by the City Fire Marshal or Fire Department Administrator.

1.3 CONTROL – Is the responsibility of the individual requesting the permit. The individual will be in attendance at all times or make arrangements to have another responsible individual (over the age of 18) in attendance as long as embers exist.

1.4 COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL – Will not be added to a fire after 4:00 p.m.

1.5 FIRES – Not completely extinguished by dark will have a responsible individual over the age of 18 in attendance (and awake) as long as embers exist.

2.0 AUTHORITY – To conduct outdoor burning under this ordinance does not exempt or excuse any person responsible from the consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the burning or exempt or excuse anyone from complying with all other ordinances or applicable laws, regulations and orders of governmental entities having jurisdiction, even though the burning is otherwise conducted in compliance with this regulation. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting the permit to comply with the State and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations for outdoor burning.


1.0 DOMESTIC COMBUSTIBLE WASTE – (Such as paper, cardboard, wrapping materials, etc.) will be burned in a steel or masonry combustion unit with all vents and/or flues screened with steel mesh with openings of not more than 1” x 1” dimensions. Food, food products, dead and/or decaying animals that could cause objectionable smoke or odors (egg shells, meat, fish, etc.) will not be included in any burn.

2.0 LOGS, LEAVES, GRASS, TREE LIMBS – Need not be screened but the person conducting the burn must be able to control flying ash and cinders (Reference Sec. III, 1.1.3) and have a cleared area with minimal combustible material surrounding the burn site in order to protect adjacent land and/or structures.


4.0 BURNABLE REFUSE – Caused from wind storms or large rains and the subsequent run off will result in the need for the city and or property owners in Sunrise Beach to dispose of burnable refuse and in addition, from time to time it may become necessary for the City to handle refuse that it may collect

5.0 THE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT TRAINING – May be allowed to conduct training exercises to use the debris by burning as a part of a training exercise. The Fire Marshall in concert with Fire Department Administrators shall determine the amount and nature of Fire Department personnel and equipment required to be on site during all phases of the training activity. These personnel and equipment will be in attendance at all times as long as embers exist.


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