Consider joining the SBVFD.

We have a lot of empty boots to fill, in many styles and sizes.

Just bring enthusiasm and a desire to serve your community – we’ll supply the rest. From fighting fires to supply and support to record keeping, we need you and have ways that you can help. No experience necessary.

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Join up and write your own job description.

There are countless tasks to be done in three main categories, but your role could include any combination you choose. For example, you might be an active medical responder who also does support duty on fire calls and helps with community service.

Fully engaged in the call.

Active Responder

Being an Active Responder is for folks who have the desire (and receive the necessary training) to “gear up and go in” on many different types of incidents. This might mean manning the hoses and fighting structure or wildland fires, performing direct patient care on medical calls, or engaging in vehicle and other emergency rescue situations.

Helping behind the lines.

Supporting Responder

On fire and rescue calls Supporting Responders drive, staff, and operate apparatus like tenders and supply units, direct traffic, or provide communications and operational help to Incident Command. On medical calls they might take notes, handle supplies and equipment, help patient family members, or even provide CPR and first aid as directed.

All things beyond the incident.

Auxiliary Responder

It takes an awful lot of work and a variety of skills to keep the VFD ready perform its mission. Auxiliary Responders help with bookkeeping and reporting, vehicle and equipment checks, supplies and rehab during extended incidents, community relations and events, social media, and facilities maintenance. And that’s just to name a few.

Frequently asked questions.

Not only is it a rewarding way to serve the community, being a part of the VFD is easier than you might think.

Interested in volunteering? Let us contact you:

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